The Novel

One of my greatest aspirations has been to write a ‘fictional personal development’ book – a novel that would read as a compelling story, yet could also take readers on a journey of personal transformation, with my protagonist serving as tour guide.

In the 90′s, long before I cared to know where the self-help aisle of my favorite bookstore was, I came across The Celestine Prophecy. James Redfield delivered subtle, life-changing messages within the framework of an exciting story, in a book I couldn’t put down. I had very little insight into the role I was playing in my plethora of challenging relationships back then. This book was my first illuminating glimpse at the common denominator: me.

I vowed someday to write a book that could provide that same insight for others. Little did I know, I was living the very life experiences that would one day inspire that book.

Love Without Traffic was born one morning when I sat at my computer to record a dream. Two chapters flew unexpectedly onto my screen before I knew what was even happening. I’d heard writers speak of this phenomenon, of a book writing itself, but I’d never truly understood the concept before it happened to me. Or more accurately, through me.

The idea to hold a contest to name it arrived shortly after the final pages had been written. I was surprised the title hadn’t appeared way the actual content had. I’d always been quite adept at writing catchy headlines for my articles when I worked in the NHL. Why couldn’t I title my own book?

I simply wasn’t meant to. Because you were!

It took a couple of years and a lot of tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique, explained in Excerpt #5) to release the multifaceted resistance I had around the idea of this site. Thankfully, I worked through it and the reward couldn’t have been greater.

Not only did I receive an incredible title for the book, but I also had a lot of fun throughout the process!

I planned to self publish “Love Without Traffic” in early 2015, but the architect of life had other plans for me. I began to live a story that felt more fictional than my novel!

Visit to read the blog about my adventure through love, challenge and healing.

As for the novel, I am once again exploring options and even opening to the idea of traditional publishing. I was once very adamant that I wanted to maintain creative control, but 2015 was a year that taught me a lot about surrender. I know 2016 will light the path for publication and I will follow it in whatever direction it leads. I’ll keep you posted!